Davinci Resolve Animation Hand Drawn 3D Animated Background

With Davinci Resolve, you can let your imagination take over and create some beautiful animations very quickly. In this example, I show how to draw a cloud directly in resolve. Then take the hand-drawn cloud and create a 3D sky of clouds. Using a 3D camera in Fusion, it is then easy to make a video animation flying through the clouds.

I have used different types of animation software like Moho, Cartoon Animator 4, Blender, and Clip Studio Paint. Creating a 2D animation like this from a 3D setup in not only easier in Resolve than some software that costs over $200, it also looks better. The great thing is this effect can be created in the completely free version of Davinci Resolve.

Download the free version of Resolve from Blackmagic Design's offical website.


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