Davinci Resolve 3D Tunnel Fly Through Effect

Davinci Resolve 17 added the new Shapes Nodes. This video show how to make rings in 3D space in Fusion. Then take the rings and turn them into a 3D tunnnel. Then setting up a 3D camera, we can fly through the 3D tunnel, creating a very nice visual effect in Davinci Resolve. Other images or text can be added within the tunnel or at the end of the tunnel to add to the effect. Creating the tunnel, the way it is shown in the video is a very low resource way of adding this effect, which should work on even low-end systems that meet minimum Davinci Resolve requirements of 16GB of ram, but do not meet Fusion page requirements of having 32GB of ram. The 3D tunnel effect works in the free version or Studio version of Davinci Resolve 17 and above. No additional plugins or graphics are needed to create this effect.

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