The Template files contain 3 templates. One each for 24 fps, 30 (or 29.97) fps and 60 fps. You will also receive a link for a help video that shows you how to use the template and what the built-in settings do. All adjustments can be made in the Edit Page or Cut Page. Also, the nodes are not locked so if you want to make any adjustments or follow along with the video above you can do that in the Fusion page.

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Frame Rates 24, 30 (29.97) and 60 FPS
Clip legth 8 seconds
File types .setting
Color Control Yes, Burning Edge
Size Control Size and Shape of Pieces can be set by Imported Image Max size 1920x1920
Position Control Yes-Manual
Orientation Control Yes-Manual
Download Size 32 KB
Item Number DVS-FX01

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