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General Questions (5)

General question for items purchased in the Digital Vector Studios Shop

Will I Receive A Physical Boxed Copy Of The Product?
Where Can I Find My Purchase Downloads?
After payment download links will be immediately available. An email will also be sent with information about your purchase and download links for the template/video files, help video and documentation.
Getting Support For Your Item
Can You Help Me With Customization?
Although, I do freelance custom video and film work, the cost of these templates/stock video files are not intended for customers to expect customization. If you need customization of the files, please respect what you are receiving for the cost paid. If you have a suggestion for the template that may benefit all purchasers, please submit and I may add it on a future release or create a separate product.

License Terms (7)

Some information to help sort out how Digital Vector Studios' templates can be used. For the full EULA (end user license agreement see the webpage here.

How many projects can the purchaser use DVS templates for?
The purchaser (individual) can use Digital Vector Studios templates/stock video for as many commercial and non-commercial projects as needed *(see the Plain English Section of the EULA for limited restrictions). No need to buy a separate license for each project and film. For example, the license holder can make a corporate video then can sell to a company. The company can then use the video as many times as they would like for training, advertising, etc.
How many users can use the purchased templates?
How many computers can the template files be installed on?
Use of Templates/Video files on YouTube.
Can I make files to sell as my own template or as a royalty-free video?
Can I use templates to make items on a service like Fiver?
Use of Templates/Video files in Film and TV.

Payment Rules (4)

Payment of items purchased in Digital Vector Studios Shop

What types of payment is accepted?
Paypal, Stripe and credit cards are accepted. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are the credit cards accepted.
Do I have to pay royalties to Digital Vector Studios?
Do you offer discounts on your products?

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Do you have an affiliate program?
No, there is not an affiliate program.