Davinci Resolve 3D Text Texture - Environmental Reflection Map

There are a number of key items this video covers for creating realistic textures for 3D Text or other 3D objects in the Davinci Resolve Fusion Page.

  • Using HDRI Images as a background
  • Setting up a 3D camera within an HDRI scene
  • Davinci Resolve 3D Text
  • How to find good 3D Textures built into Resolve/Fusion
  • How to apply a texture to 3D Text in Fusion
  • How create an environment reflection map for your Textures in Fusion

To get a 3D texture with reflection to look realistic, the reflection needs to capture the 3D scene around it. Think of a relfective glass sitting on a table. If we look at the glass, we can see the room around us, the table and other ojects on the table when we look closely at the glass. At the right angle, we can even see outselves. This is what makes the scene real. If you plan to add any reflection to your 3D textures, to make them realistic, a 3D reflection map is needed. Otherwise it will look bad. Learn one way to add a reflection map to your textures in Davinci Resolve/Fusion. This method will work in both the free version and the paid Studio version of Resolve or in Fusion Studio.

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