Davinci Resolve Prism Blur Horror Effect

Creating a great horror film look in Davinci Resolve is relatively easy using some of the free plug-ins built into Resolve. I will show how to use the Prism Blur plugin, a vignette plugin, light rays, and the flicker plugin to create a Horror Film effect in Davinci Resolve. This method works for both Resolve Studio and the Free Version of Resolve. All of the plugins are added to an adjustment layer to easily add the video effects to the composition in Resolve. Prism Blur has a few features including chromatic aberration and its own vignette effects. Although, I added a separate vignette, the vignette could be used within the Prism Blur without adding an additional plugin video effect. The key to adding an interesting effect is to animate the chromatic aberration within the clip. The light rays plugin can then be used to isolate the light reflection from the actors eyes and create a really erie look. To finish the effects, I used the Flicker plugin to create a strobe effect on the overall composition. Take a look at the video above to see the Tutorial on how to create a horror film effect in Davinci Resolve.

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