Get a Davinci Resolve Import Export Projects

Learn how to import/export projects in Davinci Resolve. Davinci Resolve has .drp project files that allow editors on other machines to import the project to continue working or add their own edits. What this is doing is essentially exporting the timeline or multiples timelines of the project, along with any Fusion data. This system creates a great way for teams to work together on video projects. It is also a useful way to backup important projects in addition to the ability to backup Resolve databases. I covered backing up Davinci Resolve databases in another video

This video covers exporting a Resolve project, including a discussion of the media used in the project. Then a project is imported into Resolve with the media re-attached.

In addition, Resolve also offers ways to import audio tracks from Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, and timelines from other video editing software.

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