Davinci Resolve 17 Parallax Animation

Creating parallax animation in Davinci Resolve is really one of it's most powerful features. In this example, I import in a PSD file that has multiple layers. The layers are hills, mountains, cactus, sky, clouds and the sun. Once imported in, each layer can be controller separately. Each layer is placed on a billboard within a 3D space on the Fusion Page. The z-position and scale of each layer is adjusted to provide depth in the scene. Some layers are duplicated to extend the 3D scene. Next a 3D camera is added. When the camera is animated left to right, Davinci Resolve 17 creates a very good parallax animation where the objects that are closer move faster than the objects at a greater distance. The parallax animation is very realistic. The results can be rendered creating a nice 2D video rendering of the parallax animation.

Since this is Fusion, we can easily add additional effects to the scene like moving clouds or create a sunset with changing glow color simulating a realistic animated sun setting behind the mountains.

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