Davinci Resolve 16 New ResolveFX Stylize - Pencil Sketch - Drop Shadow and Vignette

New in Davinci Resolve 16 ResolveFX effects including Pencil Sketch, Drop Shadow, Vignette and Stylize were added. These tool are great additions to Resolve to help easily help create music videos, animation and other stylized videos very quickly.

Watch this Davinci Resolve 16 tutorial to learn how to use these new effects in Davinci Resolve to quickly make a simple video clip look stylized.

  • A description of all of the settings for the Pencil Sketch in Davinci Resolve including black and white and color pencil sketch effects.
  • The vignette OpenFX settings in Resolve 16 to apply different shapes and sizes of vignettes to videos.
  • Includes a description of many of the style settings for the new Stylize effect in Davinci Resolve 16.
  • How to add a drop shadow effect in Davinci Resolve 16.
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