Davinci Resolve Page Curl Transition with Bender3D

The Bender3D node in the Davinci Resolve Fusion page allows some unique, controlled warping of flat objects. Since Bender3D settings can also be animated over time, this allows some creativity in how it can be used. In this example, Bender3D is used to create a page curl transition effect between two scenes. Honestly, the example is kind of rough, and should not be used for final production. The tutorial, does however, provide the steps on how to set up this type of transition using Bender3D in Resolve. Some fine-tuning would be needed to make this effect more believable.

Completing this project in Davinci Resolve requires using nodes on the Fusion page. The video tutorial walks you through step-by-step how to build the page curl transition effect. Once you get there, use your animation skills to clean up the effect.

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