Davinci Resolve Typewriter Effect Template

This is the place to get a free Davinci Resolve Typewriter Effect Template from Digital Vector Studios. This typing effect is animated like real typing characters, not the bad wrtie-on effect that is out there. To do the animation, I show how to use the little known, text modifier with Resolve. The modifier allows us to animate one chacter, then repeat the same animation on each character to a specified time range.

This video is a follow up to my previous typewriter effect video on YouTube. Since November 2019, when I released the first typewriter tutorial, there have been many questions and some problems reported by watchers on my channel. People were having a transparency issue. In this video, I hopefully fixed that issue and explain where the tranparency was causing the issue. Also, people were having an issue using the typewriter effect for more than one line of text. In this video, and in the template file download below, I fix this issue with a work-around. I see the issues that people were experiencing. Now the free downloadable template allows you to add two lines of text with the typewriter effect. In the video, I also describe how to add as many lines of text you want, using this same template file.


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