Davinci Resolve Top 5 Ignite Pro Plugins

The list of the top 5 plugins from Ignite Pro for Davinci Resolve is becoming more difficult to choose. At the time of recording, this was my top 5 plugins from the Ignite Pro add-on for Davinci Resolve. Ignite Pro was created by FXHome and is an OFX plugin pack that works in multiple software hosts such as After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas. On the FXHome website, Ignite Pro is listed as working with Resolve 14. I am using the Studio Version of Resolve 16 and Ignite Pro works very well. Some of the effects were surprisingly fast, especially knowing how many nodes I would need to program to do something similar. Anyways, this is my top 5.

If you have an interest in seeing a particular plugin in the Ignite Pro bundle featured by me in a video, add a comment in Youtube on the channel. Also, let me know what you are trying to do with it so I understand. Otherwise, FXHome does offer a trial of the software so you can test for yourself.

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