Blackmagic Fusion - Make a 4K Earth Model with Dynamic Cloud System

Blackmagic Fusion is a very powerful video application for commpositing and special effects. This is a very cool Blackmagic Fusion tutorial that shows how to create a 3D Earth model with high-quality textures. The video shows how to download the texture image files for free from NASA. The node structure is set up to display the textures on the 3D globe that can be viewed from any camera angle or animated to spin. The unique part of this setup is a cloud layer is also set up. The cloud layer is warped in Fusion to look like a storm cloud system on the Earth. All of this is easily set up and dynamically animated in Blackmagic Fusion. The textures are good enough to produce 4K footage. There are even better textures available from NASA to create amazing Earth renders, if your computer system can handle the processing.

Link for Planet and Cloud Textures

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