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Video Tutorials

Davinci Resolve 16 Make a Text Intro

Learn how to use multiple timelines to make this cool animated text intro. This text intro was complete fully in the Edit window and does not require using nodes in the Fusion window.

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Davinci Resolve 16 Typewriter Effect

Learn how to use the follower effect in Davinci Resolve to create a typewriter effect which is much more realistic than the write-on typing effect because it uses character by character animation.

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Reverse Clip & Rewind Effect

Included in the Free and Studio version of Davinci Resolve is Speed Ramp. Speed Ramp allows very fast setup of adding a rewind video effect on any clip. This tutorial provides useful information on how to reverse video in Resolve and apply rewind effects.

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Davinci Resolve Glitch Text Video

Promo video for a number of different programmed glitch text effects for Davinci Resolve. Drag and Drop in the edit page, change the text and its ready to go.

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Resolve Change Sky Color

Change sky color of a video clip the easy way. This tutorial shows a blown-out sky with a moving shot. In the Edit page using only one free plugin, the sky color can quickly be changed to blue or any other color or brightness.

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Davinci Resolve Reflection Tutorial

Create a reflection of any object in Davinci Resolve. Images, FX, text and video can all have a reflection added easily by following this Resolve tutorial.

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