The Enhanced Text Burn Tool Templates for Davinci Resolve create a burning effect for any text or font in Resolve that is procedural. The procedural animation, consumes the text until it is completely burnt. At the end of the animation there is a particle effect that is also procedural, since the particle original from the last burning pieced of the text. The glow particles then float away.

Template formats:

24 fps HD

30 fps HD

24 fps 4K

30 fps 4K

Easy to use! Text input in the Edit Page,. Set colors for Text, Text Outline, Burn Edge Color and Particles easily in the Edit page custom menu.

Frame Rate 24 FPS or 30 FPS
Clip legth 6.1 seconds
File types .setting
Color Control Yes, Burn Edge Color and Particle Colors
Size Control Yes
Position Control Yes - by setting Text location
Orientation Control Yes - by setting Text orientation
Download Size 160 kB - Template files, EULA
Item Number DVS-GT02

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